Please pray for 3 year old Hanno?


“Supported by devoted parents Tiaan and Nadia, ‘Super-Hanno’ Lewis gives the thumbs-up sign before heading for his second radiation treatment at the Richards Bay Medical Institute”

“Brave boy battles two tumours

Oncology hospital’s youngest patient smiles through the pain.

ONLY three and a bit years old, Hanno Lewis has faced more adversity than most who are 10 times his age.
And he has done it with bravery and a big smile, through plenty of pain and discomfort.

His drama started in June last year when, while being bathed, it was noticed that his chest was wheezing badly.
He was taken to hospital and tests showed air was not reaching one lung.
An X-ray followed by a CT scan revealed the worst possible news for his parents Tiaan and Nadia: little Hanno had a huge obstruction in his chest.

‘We thought it would be benign tissue, and surgery would sort it out,’ said Tiaan.
‘But after they operated we were told it was a dangerous, aggressive tumour – I passed out on hearing the news.’

The tumour weighed 216g and measured 14cm x 8cm x 6cm.
The operation, which required cutting into his chest cavity, took place on 10 June.

‘After two weeks he had more baseline scans and there were still traces of the tumour, so we began chemo therapy.
‘All we could do was pray as his face swelled, he lost weight and sores developed in his mouth,’ said Tiaan.

‘Worse still, the entire tumour grew back; Hanno was given a one percent chance of survival.
‘Removal of the lung was an option, but he began responding to further chemo doses.’

Good news

Hanno’s situation remained critical, but everything would change in September after a friend referred him to a Zululand Observer article concerning the revolutionary radiation technology at Richards Bay’s new oncology centre.

Contact was then made with oncologist, Prof Arno Jordaan.

‘We continued the chemo and by February the chest tumour had shrunk to just 2cm.
‘However, it had spread to the brain and on 23 March a tumour the size of a golf ball was surgically removed from above Hanno’s right eye.
‘We had been making enquiries about getting further treatment in America, but now we were blessed to not have to look further than Dr Jordaan and the Bay oncology centre.’

Radiation treatment began at the Richards Bay Medical Institute on 31 March and Hanno’s second of 10 treatments was administered on Monday this week.

With one huge scar on his body and another across his head, Hanno remains as lively as any other boy his age and his parents are optimistic for his full recovery.

‘We have faith in God and the support of many people who pray with us and for us.
‘That, combined with the skills He has given oncologists and those who have designed modern treatment and equipment, gives us the strength to continue to fight and win the battle for our precious son.’”


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