Please support the Sunflower Fund

Sunflower Fund


The Sunflower Fund is appealing to all South Africans from all ethnic groups or background. You can call the toll free number 0800 12 10 82 to register to become a potential life saving bone marrow stem cell donor.

“The urgency is great and patients’ lives are depending on you to share a little to save a life.”

You can visit:

Robbie Eddles, Claire Hart, Taahirah Msomi and many more patients need your help urgently.

You can read about them @…


Committed to helping anyone

Between 18-45 years old

General good health. Donor not be at risk of contracting hepatitis or sexually transmitted diseases.

Weigh over 50kg and with a BMI less than 30

If you meet the donor criteria, please consider joining the South African Bone Marrow Registry by becoming a donor.

Here you’ll get answers to frequently-asked questions:…

Here is where you can obtain information how you can help:…

Thank you for caring!

Please share with family and friends!


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