Meet Jenny…

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Thank you Marie, Ronze and Jenny for this great opportunity.

I really enjoyed photographing Jenny! She is a sixteen year old Blue-and-yellow Macaw.

The Blue and Yellow Macaw is a Parrot with the scientific name Ara ararauna.

The Blue and Yellow Macaw gets its beautiful name from its bright yellow and blue feathers. Typically the wings and tail are blue, while the under parts are yellow. It also has a green forehead, a white face, and a black beak.

The macaw can get pretty big. It can have a body length of nearly 3 feet and a wing span of 4 feet. It can weigh up to 3 pounds.

Macaws eat a wide variety of foods including seeds, fruits, nuts. At the same time lot of foods are poisonous to them such as chocolate, cherries, avocado, and caffeine etc. Occasionally they will consume clay at riverbeds, in order to filter out toxins obtained from any unripe nuts they have consumed.

They can live up to 80 years old. Baby macaws stay with their parents for around one year.



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