Playing With Wolves


The Canadian Gray/Grey wolf is the largest member of its family, with the male averaging 43-45 kg and females 36-38.5 kg. It has in general similar appearance and proportions as a German Shepherd dog, but the head is larger, narrower chest, longer legs and bigger paws. It hunts large prey and with its more gregarious nature and highly advanced expressive behaviour, they are social animals and travel in nuclear families.

Xena and Romeo (both about 3 years old) were brought up with domestic dogs and then were donated to the Animal World. Xena can bark, but Romeo not. The 4 cubs were born on June 03, 2012 (Akira, Mishka, Lucian & Diego). Elana Smalberger and her team cares for them. Elana says that they want to be your equal and obedience is not their main feature, but they are generally shy of people and avoid contact. These animals remains listed as endangered.

Aggressive behaviour from these wolves towards humans are rare, although there are reported cases of attacks on humans. Gray wolves are known to live up to 13 years in the wild and 15 years in captivity.

Special thanks to Elana! Thanks for caring for all these animals!


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